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HostExploit in the News

Thursday, 13 November 2008 12:19 in About, About HostExploit by admin

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Host  of Internet Spam Groups Is Cut Off
 The volume of junk e-mail sent worldwide dropped drastically today
 after a Web hosting firm identified by the computer security community
 as a major host of organizations allegedy engaged in spam activity was
 taken offline, according to security firms that monitor spam
 distribution online.

ISP  Cut off From Internet After Security Concerns
 A U.S. Internet service provider suspected of aiding cybercriminals in
 online scams and hosting child pornography was at least partially cut
 off from the Internet on Tuesday night.

Company  shutdown causes 2/3rds drop in all spam
 The Washington Post is reporting that the shutdown of one hosting
 company has caused the total volume of spam to drop by 2/3rds.
 The company in question is McColo Corp. Both Hurricane Electric and Global
 Crossing pulled the plug today after a damning report revealed a number
 of illegal activities happening on McColo’s servers.

Net provider  accused of coddling crooks yanked offline
 Yet another network provider has been yanked offline after being
 accused by security researchers of acting as the mothership that
 allowed a large percentage of the world's spam operators and malicious
 networks to thrive.

RBN - McColo  R.I.P.

 Russian Business Network in the USA takes another hit, and another
 victory in the war against Internet badness.

McColo:  Major Source of Online Scams and Spams Knocked Offline

 A U.S. based Web hosting firm that
 security experts say was responsible for facilitating more than 75
 percent of the junk e-mail blasted out each day globally has been
 knocked offline following reports from Security Fix on evidence
 gathered about criminal activity emanating from the network.

Grootste  spambron op internet opgerold

 Dutch blog.

Notorious  Spam-Linked Web Hosting Service Goes Offline

 McColo, a Web hosting firm believed to be responsible for hosting roughly
 three-quarters of the world's spam, goes offline. Two of the firm's
 primary ISPs reportedly cut ties with the company after receiving
 evidence of McColo's ties to botnets and cyber-crooks.

Big  Spammer McColo Bites the Dust


You may have noticed I have been using the past tense about McColo.
At  approximately 4:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 11, 2008, Hurricane 
Electric, the main peer and transit partner for McColo, pulled the plug.

We at ensured that Hurricane Electric was made aware of 
the contents of a new study just before publication. Read More…

Spam  levels are remaining low since McColo was king-hit...


View the graphs illustrating McColo’s influence.

Media  Spotlight Scatters a Botnet Host


Although ISPs routinely cut off access to sites and Web hosts accused of 
illegal or disruptive activity, what's unique about this story is that a 
mainstream media outlet had a hand in bringing down McColo, the U.S.-based 
Web host in question. Read More…

McColo  - Cyber Crime USA 


HostExploit presents the second CYBER CRIME USA report which highlights those
Internet players that currently host the world’s major spam botnets (an 
estimated 50% of spam worldwide), malware, rogue PC security products, 
cybercrime affiliate payment systems, and child pornography. This study from is based on tracking and documenting ongoing cyber criminal
activity. As a result of the first report focusing on Atrivo / Intercage and
subsequent community actions, there was a quantitative drop of 10% of spam and
malware worldwide. Read More…

ISP  cut off from Internet after security concerns


A U.S. Internet service provider suspected of aiding cybercriminals in online 
scams and hosting child pornography was at least partially cut off from the 
Internet on Tuesday night.

The ISP (Internet service provider), McColo, had been under the watchful 
eye of computer security analysts for years. It is one of a handful of so-called 
"bulletproof" hosting providers that provide safe haven online for 
cybercriminals… Read More…

Cybercrime crusaders shut down shadowy Web hosting operations, a year-old alliance of Internet security entities that researches cybercrime and promotes self-policing of the Internet industry, singled out McColo as a grievous example of a company that specializes in hosting a wide range of illegal and dubious activities. Silicon Valley Internet security companies Trend Micro and McAfee contributed to HostExploit's report. Read More...

McColo Mole Whacked


McColo Corp. — major source of spam — was knocked offline earlier this week. And now there's a large decrease in the amount of spam being distributed... You can download a very detailed report on McColo from Read More...

SoftLayer Technologies - Does the Cyber War “Buck” Stop There?


President Truman made “The buck stops here” famous, but it remains as apropos today as it was back then. In this case, the question of where the buck stops is pertinent to any investigation into Cyber War operations. Read More...