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DVD and Game Rip Offs Equal Prosperity for the Dutch

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 10:32 in Blogs, Current Events by Jart Armin

warezThe Economic Research and the Institute for Information Law in Holland. Showed that there are positive economic effects for illegal file sharing of hacked entertainment products on Dutch welfare, in these tough economic times. They believe the average file down loader buys more DVDs , music, and games than people who never download.

They estimate some 4.7 million Dutch Internet users aged 15 and older in the last 12 months downloaded hacked DVDs, games and music. This would imply a staggering 25% the population of Holland , from the 2008 figuire of 16.5 million. Most Dutch apparently see the download and share music, movies and games as a general social acceptable.

The report went on to say that it appeared many were unclear about the legality or illegality of such downloads. Most personally view the download for personal use of copyrighted music and movies is OK, but agreed downloading games is maybe illegal. In the case of the many Dutch operated P2P (peer to peer) networks now mostly based on the USENET, such rip offs are often not only downloaded, but the material is automatically made available to others.

Of course what the report did not cover is much of the 'warez' or 'hacking is often associated with organized cyber crime. It is the case that Holland has now become one of major centers for hosting; rip offs, scams, and other cyber crime. The key Dutch host was originally AS29073 ECATEL as a major center, especially when McColo went down, see "Atrivo, McColo and now Ecatel" or "Ecatel’s harboring of SpamBots and Malware causes BGP Peers to stop peering with them."

However the key hosting currently in Holland for badness is AS16265 LeaseWeb AS Amsterdam, (NL), In a recent case at the Amsterdam District Court, LeaseWeb was ordered to take down such sites. that list bittorrent/edonkey files. This followed international pressure from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the Business Software Alliance, however USENET groups have now proved a useful alternative.

The full 132 page report from The Economic Research and the Institute for Information Law in Holland (Dutch) is available here.